What is Papergin?

The best solution for your paperwork problem.

Papergin is a digital solution that converts any type of digital and analog document into digital. Lots of businesses suffer from big amount of paperwork which is tiring and a waste of time. Empowered by OCR software, Papergin will identify key points from any document and process them into a standardized file for further pragmatic consumption.

Intuitive, accurate, and easy to use, Papergin is a great support to all businesses that struggle with lots of documents and a lack of time.

Challenges with paperwork

Are you tired of classifying the documents, data, and all kinds of information in drawers? Are you annoyed with changing the format of your documents and data step by step? With papergin, you can turn all these paper obligations into time-saving work. Just a click separates you from this practical solution. Not only that Papergin saves your work time, but it also saves your physical time as well because it enables you to do all the paperwork from your workplace.

Turning everything into digital, customized format data, Papergin saves your paper and finance recourses and by decreasing the usage of paper, it also takes care of the eco-environment and paper pollution reduce.

The features and benefits

All the features and benefits of intelligent document processing


Papergin understands users' work needs, and users can easily communicate with the platform. It is the beauty of its simple design.


The initial idea of Papergin is to be an accessible platform to its users. That is why Pappergin has A graphical user interface (GUI) that will guide you through the application.

Accurate up to 99.64%

Papergin implemented OCR software guarantees high precision when it comes to analyzing data and documents.

Cost savings

Papergin can also generate cost savings. By automating document workflows, it reduces the complexity of data extraction and analysis allowing your organization to dedicate less of its budget and fewer of its resources to these tasks.

Boost employee productivity

Helping workers spend more time on business-critical tasks and less time pulling out insights from documents and performing manual data entry.

No limits - Scalable

It does not matter if you are a Small or Medium Enterprise, or maybe even a Corporation? Papergin will meet your needs in no time.

Unlock your true potential

To help overcome these challenges, Papergin offers intelligent document processing solutions, powered by machine learning.

The solution at glance


Self upload or sync cloud documents and let the Papergin do its work for you.


Our smart system will thoroughly examine and analyze your document.


As a result, you get structured data ready for use.

Derive critical insights from your documents quickly, easily and at scale with Papergin.

Set your document data free