How does the Papergin work?

Intelligent Document Processing

Having an intuitive interface, the use of this platform is simple and available for everyone to automatically extract,
process, and analyze document data.

Scan or Upload your PDFs

Whether is an analog or a digital document, Papergin can process it by scanning the analog document or by creating your own source (Such as OneDrive, Dropbox, S3, DO Spaces, or any other) of PDFs which will be scanned by Papergin and transferred to our pipeline.

Analyze and standardize raw data via GIN

When a document is uploaded, Papergin analyzes the content by making a logical connection between the elements on the document and classifies it accordingly. Papergin GIN offers built-in algorithms, such as BlazingText, pre-trained models available through Market. GIN provides all the tools you need for machine learning end-to-end so you can easily get high-quality text processing.

Your business process stays the same

It is applicable and adaptable to any kind of business process, which means the client does not need to adapt to Papergin’s way of working, Papergin adapts to your existing infrastructure. Choose your destination whatever it is API, JSON, XML or CSV.

Free critical data

No matter what solution you choose, one thing is certain: to remain competitive in today’s business world, you can’t afford to continue to use manual, time-consuming methods of document processing. By setting your data free and transforming it into actionable insights with Intelligent Document Processing from Papergin, you can boost productivity, cut down on costs and improve customer satisfaction.

So, smile. There isGIN.

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