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The best digital products are created from personal experience. Papergin is one of those ideas.

Papergin is a digital product for automated document processing. Aside from having OCR, Papergin also has an embedded machine learning program, an AI branch that is based on the system’s learning from processed data, identifying patterns and the machine’s self-making decisions. Specific Papergins trait is that the classification and categorization of data and information are done according to the semantic and logical criteria and not just by repetition of established forms of documents.

Papergin’s solution is able to make a logical connection between text, tables and columns or rows within tables, making categorization and subcategorization, and on that basis, it can enter data into the client's system.

Papergin does not have a dependency on text or table location on the page itself, therefore its ability to adapt dynamically is a true breakthrough. Also, the platform possesses an allocation feature that enables Papergin to remember the client's personal professional work glossary and recognize it each time that document is processed by the platform.

An important segment of Papergin is the destination option/attribute implemented within the platform. That means the Papergin is adaptable to every and any business process, therefor client does not need to adapt to Papergin’s way of working and that is a tailor-made platform available for clients from various business fields.


Papergin’s mission is to replace user’s manual paperwork processing with fast, precise, easy, cost and time efficient platform.


Papergin’s vision is to be a leading automated data processing tool for documents and data for any type of business company and sector.